How do we design our services?

First, we look into the importers’ needs in Latin America. Then, we help importers so their products comply with the required quality and norms, assuring international trade standards and service network processes.

ASIAM thinks differently

We create innovative processes to comply with our client’s requirements.

We use our own technology + App. We issue inspection reports in less time.

We provide: Inspection reports + digital label evaluations

We personalize our services. We assign an expert executive for each client.

Through our App, all our processes are tracked in real time.

Look how far we’ve come,
14 years doing responsible business.


Inspection Certificates

Here you can check and download your inspection reports using your ID code

Suggestions & Complaints

For us, efficiency is a must.

We extend an open invitation to our clients to help us improve. Here you can fill in a service form and let us know what you think about our services. We will give you an immediate response.

Thank you.

Corporate Policies

Impartiality, integrity and independence.

Impartiality: We guarantee our operations follow responsible and ethical processes that comply with current local norms and international standards.
Independence: We assure our staff manages each client’s information in a confidential and responsible way in all processes.
Integrity: Our broad experience allows us to offer a variety of innovative services to all types of businesses and clients all around the world.