Corporate Policies impartiality, integrity and independence.

ASIAMBUSINESS DEL ECUADOR S.A., reassures and expresses its compromise with maintaining independence, impartiality and integrity in all its inspection activities and processes.

Impartiality: We guarantee our office and field staff at all levels follow responsible and ethical processes that comply with current local norms and international standards.

Independence: We assure all our departments (operative, administrative, commercial, and management) handle each client’s information in a confidential and responsible way without economic, commercial or psychological pressure of influence for all the processes in which ASIAM has accreditation. We also issue impartial judgments that stay in line with ethical standards and current norms.

Integrity: ASIAM provides services according to its technical competence and ethicalstandards without client discrimination, being them corporate groups, international or local businesses, natural persons or legal entities.  Our broad experience allows us to offer a variety of innovative services to all types of businesses and clients all around the world.

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