What does ASIAM do?

We verify your products comply with normative quality standards and your requirements.

Label Inspections

We check your product labels comply with the local INEN normatives and provide the following documents for backup:

  • Inspection Act
  • Inspection Certificate
  • Inspection Report

Our team will assist the client in understanding the normative requirements and processes.

Quality Inspections

We check product requirements: dimensions, colors, and specific characteristics to assure they comply with the client’s needs.

We use a sampling method that guarantees the accuracy of inspection results for all inspected goods.

Our executives manage direct communication with the client and get the necessary documents to coordinate the service.

Product Certification

According to each products’ normative, certifications include:

  • label report
  • laboratory tests (English/Spanish Lab Reports)
  • communication with the supplier for info + document signatures

The supplier is responsible for signing final report documents. This service should be requested before the supplier finishes production. Our executives manage direct communication with the client and get the necessary documents to coordinate the service.

Laboratory Tests

Our lab in ASIA performs specific essays to demonstrate the products comply with local normatives and international standards.

  • We manage the communication with the supplier to obtain the samples, send them to the lab and verify the products through specific testing methods.
  • Our lab issues an internationally accredited report in English and Spanish.

Fabric Audits

We verify your suppliers’ operative characteristics and production capacities in their own installations.

  • We provide a descriptive analysis and qualification of Asian suppliers, which allows our clients to make informed business decisions.

This service has to be coordinated with both the client and the supplier´s authorization.

Risk Analysis

We issue a comprehensive report based on the supplier’s financial and credit history of the last 2 years, providing enough financial information for our client to make an informed decision on their business.

Container Loading Supervision

We verify the cargo and the merchandise’s state in its origin spot. We check the loading practices and procedures follow quality manipulation standards and provide a photographic and descriptive report that backs up the process.

Pre- Production Inspections

We provide a comprehensive analysis of quality indicators that assures the compliance of especific fabrication techniques and production requirements.


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